Secretary of State’s Office conducts opinion poll at state fair

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (AP file)
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (AP file)

HUTCHINSON, Kan. (KSNW) – The Secretary of State’s Office closed their Annual State Fair Opinion Poll Sunday afternoon and the results have been tallied. The poll consisted of five questions with topics ranging from the presidential campaign to the 2024 Olympic venue. A total of 390 people participated in the poll.

The official results are as follows:

Which presidential candidate do you plan on voting for?
66% a) Donald Trump (Republican)
19% b) Hillary Clinton (Democrat)
12% c) Gary Johnson (Libertarian)
3% d) Jill Stein (Independent)

What will be the greatest challenge for our next President?
34% a) Islamic Terrorism
23% b) The Economy
10% c) Healthcare
11% d) Immigration
22% e) The National Debt

Who do you believe is currently the most influential Kansan?
32% a) Bob Dole
12% b) Bill Self
32% c) Sam Brownback
16% d) Bill Snyder
7% e) Kathleen Sebelius

What is the most important issue for you regarding state elections in 2016?
38% a) School Finance
35% b) Tax Policy
4% c) Medical Marijuana
19% d) Job Growth
4% e) Highway Funding

Which city do you prefer host the 2024 Olympic Games?
16% a) Rome, Italy
12% b) Paris, France
58% c) Los Angeles, California
14% d) Budapest, Hungary

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