Roads still impassable after massive flooding in Sumner County


BELLE PLAINE, Kan. (KSNW) – Some of the rain that fell earlier Friday, just added insult to injury for flood victims in Sumner County who still haven’t dried out from the last round of storms.

Water still stands in Belle Plaine, after last week’s massive flooding and with more rain Friday, it’s left residents unsure of what’s to come.

“It’s very frustrating because you just look and see a lake,” said Belle Plaine resident.

A Belle Plaine resident, who didn’t want to be identified, said she’s lived here for 20 years and has never seen anything like this.

“Ten years ago we had similar to this. Not quite as deep,” Belle Plaine resident said.

She was out of town last week. To her surprise, she came home to a flooded garage and impassable roadway.

“He had told us that the water was higher than it been before and he had gotten all of the vehicles and stuff out of the garage,”

Sumner County Emergency Management said 30 townships have damage due to last weeks flooding. American Red Cross set up its multi-agency resource center in Belle Plaine, one of the townships that was hit the hardest.

“The water is just sitting there. It has no where to go. It’s just perculating down into the voids, into the sand and stuff. And it’s just sitting there,” said American Red Cross volunteer, Darrell Hacker.

Sumner County estimates $1 million in damage. They’re hoping to get help from state and federal government to assist with things such as washed out dirt roads.

For residents, they’re just hoping for some relief.

“You just got to go one day at a time and just trust God he’ll send the sunshine and the wind and it’ll eventually dry up,” said Belle Plaine resident.

There’s no telling when the water will go down. Residents say this has left them in a tough situation.

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