WATC is offering relief to ITT Tech Students

Photo Credit: Avery Anderson
Photo Credit: Avery Anderson

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – It’s been more than a week since ITT Technical Institute closed its doors. There were 137 campuses across the nation including its Wichita, and because the program was not accredited by the High Learning Commission, most of the student’s credits won’t transfer.

One school has reached out a helping hand.

The Wichita Area Technical College is offering assistance to ITT Tech students, in hopes that they’ll join the program. This week, WATC held informational sessions to help local ITT Tech students get back on their feet.

“They were willing to work with us and no one else was willing to talk with us,” stated Mercedes Moore, a former ITT Tech student.

Moore, a Wichita mother of seven, is not letting this obstacle stop her from pursuing her passion, nursing.

Thursday, she met with a nursing advisor from WATC in hopes of being admitted into the college, and beginning her education once again in October.

“I just want a degree and a good job. I want to show my kids that if you’re persistent and you keep trying and you don’t give up that you can have a good life and make a difference in other people’s life at the same time,” said Moore.

Vice President of Student Services, Justin Pfeifer tells KSN, not only is the college willing to help students like Moore get back in the classroom as fast as possible, but the institution is waiving fees for those transferring.

“They’ve kind of been left in the limbo a little bit with their program shutting down at ITT. We just feel that it’s a community good that we reach out to these students and do what we can to get them in a program,” said Pfeifer.

He also explains because ITT Tech shut down, in some cases the Department of Education will discharge student loans, allowing them to start over debt free.

“They can come to us and start over fresh, with no student loan debt,” explained Pfeifer.

It’s an answered prayer to students like Moore. She even tells KSN the whole situation is a blessing in disguise.

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