Camera captures California parking lot brawl


FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KCRA) — Cell phone video shows a frightening fight over a handicapped parking space in a Fairfield, California Walmart parking lot.

Susan Fowler started recording after a 64-year-old man with disabilities was pulled from his car, put in a chokehold and punched.

“It was horrible to watch, you know,” Fowler said. “Justice needs to be served.”

Her video shows the man on the ground and the attacker yelling at a few Fairfield Walmart shoppers who tried to intervene.

Chris Bennett is one of them.

“By that time, he had already unfortunately got the guy out on the ground — slammed him on the ground,” Bennett recalled. “I was able to get in between them, push him off of him. He went to kick him, I pushed him back.”

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