Volunteers help Mulvane flood victims clean up

Flooding (KSN Photo)

MULVANE, Kan. (KSNW) – Flooding continues to cause problems across south central Kansas.

In Mulvane, which was hit hard a couple of weeks ago, people are still cleaning up after another round of flooding last Friday.

“You just feel wasted.”

Those emotional words come from Mulvane resident Ron Johnson who experienced the floodwaters first-hand.

“It’s never been this bad,” said Johnson.

The heavy rain that swept in Friday night brought devastation to Johnson’s basement as more than five feet of water filled the place. That’s where he kept decades of belongings and memories, including pictures of his children and his late wife.

“It takes a lot out of you when I got baby pictures that are ruined. They were up on a table,” Johnson said.

Over the last several weeks, multiple torrential downpours created heartbreak for many residents of the Mulvane area. But, that rain also brought in dozens of volunteers like Sharon Lampe who have spent countless nights helping families pick up the pieces.

“We all feel like in our hearts that if it was us, we would really want someone to help us,” said Lampe.

She and almost ten others took time out of their Monday night after work to help Ron and his daughter, Jessica.

“I fight back tears, because I see these homeowners going through something so traumatic that it’s hard to imagine this, even being down here,” Lampe said.

A selfless and emotional act of kindness that means more than she’ll ever know to flood victims like Ron.

“They’re a God send. I really appreciate it, because I can’t do it,” said Johnson.

The residents of Mulvane also are bracing for another storm to his this week, hoping this time it won’t be devastating.

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