Flooding continues to be a cause for concern for Mulvane residents

MULVANE, Kan. (KSNW) – Flooding continues to cause problems across the area.

Mulvane was hit a couple of weeks ago, and as residents were cleaning up, another round of rain caused more flooding.

Jessica Johnson has spent the entire weekend trying to get water out of her dad’s basement.

“I came back from school Friday afternoon and we already had two to three feet already and then we had another round Friday night,” said Johnson.

Johnson estimates that about four feet of water was in the basement, leaving quite a mess.

“We had furniture, a lot of books, family photos,” said Johnson.

All of which were damaged by the flood water.

Johnson says they don’t have flood insurance and say they know it’s unlikely their homeowners insurance will cover any of the damages.

Other residents, like Rita Largent, were lucky the water didn’t get into their homes.

However, Largent says, several garages on her property had a decent amount of standing water still inside them.

“I have an old car, buggies, we have all kinds of stuff in all of our garages,” said Largent.

Largent does have flood insurance, but it only covers damage to her house and the garages, not to what is inside both structures.

She says she did receive some money from FEMA for the first flood, but that was only 80 dollars.

With more rain and storms potentially on the way, Largent is worried what it could mean for her home and others who live nearby.

‘It’s going to do a lot more damage to a lot of people out here, we can’t keep up, we can’t keep up with it,” said Largent.

These recent rains have a lot of people asking about what’s covered by insurance.

Typically, floods are not covered by homeowner and renters policies.

The National Flood Insurance Program does offer flood insurance through local insurance agents.

However, be aware that when you get flood insurance, there is a 30-day waiting period after the purchase,

Also, the typical cost is about 500-dollars a year.

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