Holiday Millionaire Raffle kicks off Friday

Holiday Millionaire Raffle (Kansas Lottery Photo)

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNW) – Kansas Lottery players have a chance to win more than 40,000 prizes – the most ever – in this year’s Holiday Millionaire Raffle.

This year, the Holiday Millionaire Raffle, offers $2,000,000 in prizes, including two $25,000 prizes in Early Bird drawings, a $1,000,000 top prize and tens of thousands of $20 Instant Win cash prizes.

Only 200,000 tickets will be sold at $20 each. Sales for the eighth annual Holiday Millionaire Raffle start September 9, 2016, with the Million Dollar Grand Prize Drawing January 3, 2017.

11 Early Bird Drawings – Two with $25,000 Prizes
With 11 Early Bird winners, two with $25,000 prizes, players have more reasons than ever before to buy their tickets early. Here’s the list of Early Bird drawings and prizes:

Sunday, October 9 – $25,000 winner
Sunday, October 16 – $10,000 winner
Thursday, October 20 – $10,000 winner
Sunday, October 23 – $10,000 winner
Thursday, October 27 – $10,000 winner
Sunday, October 30 – $10,000 winner
Thursday, November 3 – $10,000 winner
Sunday, November 6 – $10,000 winner
Thursday, November 10 – $10,000 winner
Sunday, November 13 – $10,000 winner
Sunday, November 27 – $25,000 winner

Tickets must be purchased by 6:59 p.m. on draw dates to be eligible for that night’s drawing and all subsequent drawings, including the Grand Prize Drawing.

Raffle Prizes to be drawn January 3, 2017:
*$1,000,000 – 1 winner
*$25,000 – 1 winner
*$5,000 – 5 winners
*$1,000 – 5 winners
*$100 – 50 winners

*If game is not sold out, prize amounts could be altered.

$20 Instant Win Cash Prizes!
This year’s Holiday Millionaire Raffle is loaded with $20 Instant Win Cash Prizes. Tens of thousands of players will automatically win a $20 Instant Win prize at the time they purchase their Holiday Millionaire Raffle tickets. That will be like getting your raffle ticket for free.

Instant Win tickets will be issued throughout the state and throughout the run of the game. Players can redeem their $20 Instant Wins immediately. Once a $20 Instant Win ticket is redeemed, the player will receive a replacement ticket with the same raffle number that was on their original ticket.

How do know I’ve won a $20 Instant Win Cash Prize?
Tickets winning a $20 Instant Win Cash Prize will include a ticket message on the ticket that says: “You have won a $20 Instant Prize!” Each Instant Win ticket will also have a special symbol on the ticket to identify it as an instant winner, and special music will play when an Instant Win ticket is produced, so players should listen for the “sounder.”

Put Raffle Tickets in a Safe Place
A unique 6-digit raffle number will print on each Holiday Millionaire Raffle ticket. Tickets are Quick Pick only. Players must match their numbers in exact order to those drawn by the Lottery to win. Players should put their tickets in a safe place after purchase. Remember – winners must produce their original Holiday Millionaire Raffle tickets to claim their prizes!

More Information
Visit for more information and daily updates on the number of Holiday Millionaire Raffle tickets which remain for players to purchase.

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