Questions loom for ITT Tech students after closing

Itt Technical Institute

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Students that want to further their education at a technical college now have one less option with ITT Technical Institute closing all of its schools. The institute decided to stop all operations after the US Department of Education began an investigation and issued sanctions over their recruiting and accounting practices at the school, but the people left in the mix of it all have questions after investing years and thousands of dollars in their education.

Andrea Forbes has spent the last 10 years working multiple jobs while attending ITT Technical Institute, now she’s worried all the time invested could be for nothing.

“It’s really disappointing to find out that it may possibly be a piece of paper and there won’t be anything that can come from it,” she said Tuesday morning. “You know, no future jobs, no going on to get my bachelor’s degree. It’s very frustrating.”

Last month, Andrea received her associates degree. This after her bachelor’s program was initially discontinued just 6 months before she would have completed the program. Tuesday morning, she received the email from the school saying they were closing all their campuses across the country.

“I had no clue until I got the email this morning,” she said. “Absolutely no idea. I was still getting calls from student loans trying to make payment arrangements for my loans.” Now the questions she has deal with her next steps. She still wants to move forward with getting her bachelors degree in forensic science to eventually work in a lab, but now has no idea what will transfer over after making calls to multiple schools. “What I’ve heard so far is most of them won’t if ITT is on your degree. So it’ll be starting completely all the way over.”

Officials from ITT say they have worked out an agreement with several different colleges to allow credits to transfer over, but the agreements have specific provisions relating to the transfer and award of academic credit, and may not be applicable for all courses offered.

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