Kansas Humane Society CEO takes on social media trolls

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The Kansas Humane Society CEO posted a letter to Facebook on Labor Day, asking people to stop harassing his employees and thank them for their hard work.

“I just wanted our employees to understand how much I appreciated what they do and I want Wichita to understand how important we are to this community,” said Kansas Humane Society President and CEO Mark Eby.

Eby said people have told his employees that they ‘just want to kill every animal’ or ‘they don’t care’ or ‘they are angels of death.’ He said he was frustrated with the untrue remarks, so he decided to write a message describing the work his staff does each and every day.

“I wanted people to understand how hard they work, our employees work, and when they get a negative, something negative happens, or someone talks negatively about them or their work it really impacts them and it affects them personally,” Eby said.

The message said in part:

“They get pooped on, peed on, puked on and see unimaginable cruelty. They deal with rude people giving up animals who yell and curse at them when the staff are doing everything they can to help. And they console people letting go of a longtime family member. They do it because they believe in what they do and they want to help EVERY animal that comes in.”

Eby told KSN on Tuesday, that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of the Kansas Humane Society. He said employees and volunteers spend hours doing laundry, making doggy treats, performing surgeries and much more.

“They work their rear ends off because they care about the animals,” Eby said.

Eby said the negative comments are wearing on his employees. Some people have even quit their jobs at KHS because of the negativity.

“Eventually you say I’m not making a difference or I’ve got do something that has a more positive outlook on it and they leave to find something more positive,” he said.

Eby said he is not looking for sympathy. He just wants to form an understanding. He said the public is free to visit the KHS and he will personally give them a tour to show him how they conduct business.

“I think some of the people don’t know everything that goes on in our place and that’s OK. I invite them to come down, come and see it, come and look behind the scenes and truly understand what is going on and maybe you will get a different perspective,” he said.

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