Burglar strikes northeast Wichita apartment complex during holiday weekend

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Residents of a northeast Wichita apartment complex received some bad news after the holiday weekend.

On Tuesday, management of the Willow Creek Apartments called residents and told them all of the checks and money orders for this month’s rent had been stolen.

“I go day by day. I budget,” said resident Brittany Trosper.

Trosper budgets, but not for something like this.

“They were just like hey, we don’t have your rent. And I was like I paid my rent and they were like ‘oh someone stole all of our rent,’” explained Trosper.

On Tuesday, Trosper and others say they received a call from the management at Willow Creek Apartments. They explained that someone had broken into the leasing office on Friday night and took all of the checks and money orders from the rent box.

“You’re stealing from people who work every day to just get by, you know. And it’s just very upsetting because you know, I don’t have that type of money to just lie around. It just stresses me out,” Trosper stated.

According to Trosper, she paid this month’s rent with a money order, a form of payment that can’t be cancelled like a personal check. Essentially, all of Trosper’s rent money vanished with the box. But, she’s still on the hook to pay.

“The residents here are still liable to make the payments,” voiced Phil Wright, another resident of Willow Creek Apartments.

Wright said management is still expecting the September rent in full, regardless of the fact that it was allegedly stolen.

“It’s a big question mark at this point really. For us, having to kind of scramble and make that payment, and then, but, I wonder about the people that might now have the ability to do that. It’s like what are they going to do. Can they be evicted for this?” asked Wright.

KSN reached out to the leasing office at Willow Creek. They said that the Wichita Police Department is looking into the crime, but they did not wish to comment any further.

“It being the week that rent is due, I can only imagine the number of deposits that were in there,” said Wright.

In the meantime, residents like Wright and Trosper are left coming up with the extra funds, and working hard with their bank to cancel their first payment.

Both residents said that management at Willow Creek told them that Ponderosa, the apartment across the way, was also robbed this weekend.

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