Wichita residents check for earthquake damage

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Saturday morning’s 5.6 magnitude earthquake was felt by many here in Wichita.

The earthquake had many residents self inspecting their homes.

Many residents were wondering if the recent cracks they are finding could be left behind from the earthquake.

“When you have a situation with an earthquake like that, people start walking around and think they notice something that is new, that is a lot of cases is actually something old,” said Steve Hunter, President of Hunter & Son Construction.

Hunter says they got 65 calls Saturday from people who either said they definitely have, or may have had earthquake damage.

He says for residents it could be difficult to tell what damage was actually caused by the earthquake, unless you have home surveillance that shows the before and after.

“Like a hairline crack in a two foot by two foot area, that’s not necessarily earthquake damage, maybe their was a crack there and then when the earth moved, it opened it up a little more,” said Hunter.

Hunter says he has a specific checklist he goes through when he inspects a home for earthquake damage.

The list ranges from what part of town the home is in to how old it is.

“What I would say is earthquake damage is if we had cracks here, on angles, coming across this way,” said Hunter.

“I would look for cracks off of corners, on each corner, top and bottom, I would look for a split here in the middle of the window,” Hunter added.

Hunter says if you do have earthquake damage, it could cost a pretty penny to get it fixed.

“It could be anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000 on up to tens of thousands of dollars,” said Hunter.

There is earthquake insurance available for homeowners in Kansas.

Those plans usually come with a high deductible.



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