Future of farming? Driverless tractor

BOONE, Iowa (WHO) — A futuristic tractor that plows, plants and harvests without a farmer on board is on display at the Farm Progress Show taking place this week in Boone, Iowa.

The Case IH tractor has no seat or steering wheel. It’s only a concept vehicle at this point, but could hit the market within the next few years.

“This was the opportunity to kind of bring out this next generation, an autonomous concept vehicle,” said Nate Weinkauf, of Case IH. “We really want to get some feedback from our customers here at the Farm Progress Show this week.”

Most tractors and combines at the Farm Progress Show can be seen working in the demonstration fields here. Not so with the driver-less tractor.

The company produced a video showing the machine at work tilling and planting corn. The video also showed how the tractor steers around obstacles, and can beam video to an operator somewhere with an iPad or computer to tell the tractor which way to go.

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