Agencies to help Mulvane flood victims

Flooding (Media General Photo)

MULVANE, Kan. (KSNW) – Families are slowly recovering from last week’s flooding that damaged dozens of homes in southern Sedgwick County.

On Thursday, the Salvation Army set up shop in Mulvane to help storm victims in the town.

“That’s where it came in the most,” said flood victim Linda Webb, pointing to her damaged home. “It’s weird how it came in right there.”

Webb, one of the many flood victims in Mulvane, was still picking up the pieces of her home on Thursday.

“I’m afraid now a little bit. I don’t feel safe, as safe, ya know? This is our safe place, and it doesn’t feel as safe now,” Webb said.

Last weekend, Webb and her husband frantically tried to save items in their basement.

“It just got deep so fast,” said Webb. “I mean, it was just a few minutes. I couldn’t move fast enough. My daughter’s clothes that were hanging on the lower rack got partially wet. All of her shoes floated away.”

Linda, family and close neighbors all pitched in to help, moving the horses from their shed, unaware at the time she didn’t realize how much damage the water caused.

“Seeing the water was one thing, and then seeing all of the damage and all that we’ve got to repair and fix… OK, I cried”

While she waited for some items she was able to save to dry, she went to the Mulvane Public Library where the American Red Cross, United Way and Salvation Army helped families whose lives were turned upside down by the flood.

“Today, we’re really looking at helping them with QuikTrip gas cards for gas assistance because we know they’re going to be traveling around if they’re doubled up with families or if they need other resources,” said Cheryl Warne, the Salvation Army’s director of emergency services.

Those who came out to be helped said the Army’s assistance was greatly appreciated.

“When you lose everything you have, you gotta start out at square one, but with their help, we’ll get it together again,” said Brenda Carpenter, a flood victim.

The Salvation Army, American Red Cross and United Way plan to be back Friday to provide more help to flood victims.

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