Are your kids routine ready for school?

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WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The end of summer blues are a real thing for us all but for young kids heading back to school it can be especially difficult.

But parents can make the transition a little easier.

KSN spoke with Susan Bray, the director of Wichita State’s Play Therapy Center to find a few tips on getting your kids routine ready for school.
The Play Therapy Center is used to teach students how to work with children and to study their behavior.

Therapies used with adults depend on talking and verbal communication, according to Bray, but kids can be different because they can’t always express their feelings through words.

She says one big thing parents can do to get their kids prepared for the year is keep a positive attitude.

They can make it easier by acknowledging the change and making sure their kids understand they’ll be working together and they’re not alone.

Sometimes kids might feel anxious about meeting their new teacher or not being in the same class as their friends.

You can help ease first day anxieties by making a special breakfast to be excited about or picking out a special back-to-school outfit.

“Those transitions are hard because they don’t always understand why we’re doing it,” Bray said. “So I think the explanation and the positive attitude is important but it’s important to approach it very gradually.”

Instead of going to bed an hour earlier the night before their first day, try going to sleep 15 minutes earlier days in advance and slowly adding on.

If falling asleep is difficult at first, parents can help by doing things like giving back rubs, reading stories or playing soft music.

“You know, remind kids why we’re doing this; because they’re going back to school, they get to see all their friends, meet their new teacher and keep a really positive attitude about school and about the transition.”

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