Evicted mobile home park residents getting help with move

Mulvane mobile home park where the residents were evicted after the owner failed to pay their water and sewer bills. (Photo: KSN/Avery Anderson)

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – It’s a story you’ve seen on KSN.  More than 30 families at the Mulvane Mobile Home Park have gone more than two months without running water or sewer service.

Last week, they were served with eviction notices by the park’s owner who said they must move their mobile homes by the end of August. The evictions came after the park’s new owner couldn’t come to an agreement with the City of Mulvane on how to pay debts owed by the previous owner.

The issue caught the interest of a Colorado company, and its owner wants to help the remaining residents free of charge.

David Graham of RV Horizons says he caught wind of the struggles of the mobile home park owners and decided to help. Wednesday, KSN followed him as he went door to door, meeting with residents, hoping he could lend a helping hand.

Dori Almire’s grandson lives in the Mulvane Mobile Home Park.  She’s been concerned about where he would live beginning next month.

“I was a little leery and today was, like I said, a light at the end of the tunnel,” said Almire.

Graham flew into town to personally meet with residents in the Mulvane park and offer them a chance to move for free to Mobile Manor Estates, a mobile home park his company oversees in Wichita.

“We’ll help them move the home for free, we’ll do the electrical, all that stuff, a turn-key operation,” Graham said.

He and his partner, Carol, met with a handful of residents Wednesday to see who would be interested in the move.

We asked Graham if the mobile homes he visited in Mulvane can be moved.

“Yeah absolutely these homes can be moved,” Graham said. “There’s, they said people here, we spoke with 20 of them, we’ve left our contact information with almost everybody but absolutely they can be moved.”

Graham said he wanted to provide hope to the residents since many are concerned about meeting the deadline to move out by the end of August.

“Nobody should ever be put on the street, to say you don’t have any other options, so our biggest thing was to reach out to them, to let them know they have all these options,” Graham said.

That’s something long-time residents like Judith Randall are grateful for.

“He comes and proved himself and went around and did what he said he was going to do, and said how many homes he could take and move to his park.”

Graham says they’ll wait to hear back from the residents they didn’t speak with to gauge how man people are interested in moving to the new park in Wichita. He plans to have the movers come out to the park on Monday to inspect the homes and begin the process of getting them moved to Mobile Manor Estates in Wichita.

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