Wichita group creating mobile site to make accident reporting easier

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A Wichita technology group is working on a project to make the process of accident reporting more efficient by digitizing the information and putting it into the hands of citizens and police.

“It’s all about helping you better in your time of need, but as well as preventing others from maybe getting and ruining their day if they don’t have to,” said City of Wichita IT System Analyst and EasyAR Concept Developer Robin Jacobs.

The project is called EasyAR or Easy Accident Reporting. The goal is to make it easier for people to report an accident during winter weather.

Right now, the city has an Emergency Accident Reporting Plan (EARP) that goes into effect when there’s inclement weather. EARP provides residents with options to report non-injury accidents and accidents that do not involve alcohol or drugs at a Wichita gas station or at a police sub-station during regular business hours.

“So say you are in an accident the biggest issue is your next step is supposed to go for a hike. You have to go find a QuikTrip or you have to go find a police sub-station,” Jacobs said.

The idea of the EARP is to free emergency crews, so they can respond to more serious accidents. Wichita police told KSN the EARP helps reduce its call volume.

However, Jacobs said it makes accident reporting more time-consuming for citizens.

“That’s one of the biggest problem. We do have this weather on almost a yearly basis and it’s almost a yearly cycle of unpleasantness,” Jacobs said.

EasyAR would let people report an accident using a mobile site on their cell phone.

“It will capture information about an accident, so when you start you will basically say I would like to report an accident,” Jacobs said. “It will first access where you are from your phone’s location. It will go ‘OK, where did this accident take place.'”

Next, the user scans their drivers license and insurance card.

“It will pull all of the information from all of that to fill out everything that is needed to report your accident,” Jacobs said.

The user can also take pictures of the accident and upload them to the mobile site. When they are finished putting in their information, they simply push submit and the report will go directly to Wichita police.

“I think that is where we need to be in Wichita to improve the quality of life for the people who live here and it doesn’t take great leaps and bounds to do it, it just takes these small things to do it,” Jacobs said.

EasyAR is discussing the mobile site with the city of Wichita. Jacobs said the team plans to have it fully developed by January 2017.

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