Trooper gives lost kids a lift

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) – A Las Vegas State Trooper’s act of kindness is drawing praise.

Trooper John Morris rescued three children walking and bicycling on the freeway Sunday afternoon.

The kids told Morris they were trying to find Walmart, so he loaded up their bikes and gave them a safe ride to the store.

“I made them promise me they’d never come out on the highway again, and I advised them how dangerous it was. People get killed out here every day,” he said. “Our ride back here, they asked me a lot of questions. They actually enjoyed the ride. They asked me how long I’ve been doing this and what I love about my job. I explained to them I get the opportunity to help people out every day and that’s why we do this as troopers.”

While trying to reach their mother to tell her what happened, he treated them to some ice cream.

That’s when a bystander snapped a photo.


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