Mulvane mobile home residents without water, sewer service


MULVANE, Kan. (KSNW) – Residents of a mobile home park in Mulvane are in an uproar after having gone without water and sewer services for nearly two months.

They say the city turned off their water and shut down sewer services after the former owner defaulted on his payments.

The city says that former owner owes about $19,000 in back payments for sewer fees, and it was left with no choice but to cut off the sewer tap to the homes in the park.

Thirty-four families in the mobile home park are frustrated. One of them is Nancy Crowley.

“I would like to take a shower, I would like to get cleaned up after a sweaty day, I want to use my own bathroom,” said Crowley.

“Can’t put water down the drain,” said Patricia LaFors, another resident of the park. “I’ve got water jugs, we haul our water.”

The city entered into an agreement to provide sewer services to the mobile home park in 2004. The problems of the payment for services didn’t arise until the new owner took over the park in 2009.

The previous owner still owes the City of Mulvane $9,000 in sewer fees according to park residents who say they had paid the owner to provide sewer services.

Meanwhile, Mulvane City Administrator Kent Hixson said the city has spent much more money trying to collect that money.

“The city has spent $80,000 in legal fees trying to collect our fees, that was the citizens of Mulvane’s money that was spent,” Hixson said.

Hixson said the city is sympathetic to what the residents are going through, but says they are limited in how much they can help because the park is outside the Mulvane city limits.

Residents like LaFors and Crowley are worried that they are without sewer services and won’t have a place to live.

“We’re doing the best we can but you know we’re tired of pretending we’re camping,” said Crowley.

“We can’t afford to move one of these trailers. We’re talking $5,000. We don’t have that,” said LaFors.

Hixson said the original owner has offered the city a $9,000 deposit to restore sewer service to the park. The Mulvane City Council will discuss that offer at its meeting next Monday.

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