Long lost World Series ring comes home

BLUE SPRINGS, Missouri (KSHB) – A Kansas City man celebrated his “best birthday ever” this month after he was reunited with what he calls the second-best thing in his life.

Former Royals baseball player and scout Jerry Terrell’s pride and joy for 30 years was his World Series ring, until he lost it last fall while playing in the park with his grandchildren.

Jerry had accepted it would be gone forever but little did he know, his son Jim was determined to get it back, finding clues in a video of them in the park that day.

“One frame where I was throwing leaves, you could see the ring on my hand and the very next frame, there was no ring,” Terrell says.

Jim bought a metal detector and went back to the same spot and scanned the area.

Under several inches of dirt, he found the ring.

As most dads are, Jerry Terrell was clueless as his family planned to surprise him for his 70th birthday just a couple weeks ago. In the video, you can see Jim Terrell giving Jerry Terrell a box.

“And I’m thinking, ‘Oh, that’s nice, thank you,’” Jerry Terrell said, not expecting what was inside.

He opened it, and saw his name “Terrell” etched on the side.

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