Kind-Hearted cop replaces stolen bike

LAKELAND, Fla. (WFLA) –  A Lakeland police officer went above and beyond for a little girl in his community.

Six-year old Serenity was upset Monday when she found out someone had stolen her bike. Serenity’s older brother borrowed the bike to go to work and someone took it.

“My brother left it outside of the barber shop without watching it,” Serenity said.

He had to break the news to his mom. “I said, ‘You better not come home without that bicycle, because you know she going to have a fit,’” Janet Lockett recalled.

“He actually called us himself. A 12-year old called 911 to report his sister’s bike stolen,” Lakeland Police Officer Matthew Ervin said.

Officer Ervin complete the police report. He knew that chances of finding the victim’s exact bike were slim – so he jumped into action. The officer went to the store and bought her a brand new one. He even made sure it was purple, the same color as her other bike.

“I just think it’s unacceptable for a kid to not have a bicycle, especially in summer. I think every kid deserves a bike,” Officer Ervin said.

That’s when the family realized what the officer had done. “I seen the officer car pull up and I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ He goes out to the back seat and opened his door. As he opened the door he’s pulling out a pretty purple bike. I couldn’t believe it,” Serenity’s Aunt Nese Coker said.

Coker took the photograph of Officer Ervin and Serenity, along with the new bike.

“The police officer was nice. He went to Walmart and bought me another one. I took a picture with the officer, and then I hugged him,” Serenity said.

His gesture surely touched their hearts. “You don’t find too many people like that, not too many people in this world do things like that for other people’s kids,” Lockett said.

“It just made me realize there are good officers out there,” Coker said.

And that means the world to Officer Ervin. “Stuff like that is why I love this job and why I do this job. It’s nice when you can actually make a real positive difference and help someone out, and make a difference, especially in a child’s life,” he said.


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