Female officer breaks ground in Garden City

Officer Kimberly Larkin of the GCPD

GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – Garden City made history this month as the police department welcomed its first female motorcycle officer.

“It was hard training,” said Officer Kimberly Larkin, “but for me it was a huge accomplishment.”

Officer Larkin is the first female motorcycle police officer in Garden City’s history.

After serving on the force for two years, she earned her motorcycle certification last month, and she’s already noticing a difference.

“The young girls get extremely excited to see me on the motorcycle,” said Larkin. “They come usually to me before they do the guys. And then I’ve had a lot of support from the entire community, male and female, coming up and telling me that they think it’s awesome that we have a female officer on a motorcycle.”

She’s been riding motorcycles her whole life and wanted to keep riding as part of her career.

There are advantages to an officer riding a motorcycle. They can navigate traffic and accidents more easily.

Many women on the force ride motorcycles recreationally, but none had applied for training before Larkin.

Officials hope that she won’t be the last.

“A female that wants to be a police officer, wants to ride a motorcycle, then hopefully this shows that the doors are open to do whatever they want in their careers,” said Captain Randy Ralston.

For Larkin, it’s the chance to show the community that achieving a dream is always possible.

“For me, it’s pretty awesome,” said Larken. “I get to show the little girls that if you want to grow up and basically do whatever you want, you can.”

Larkin is one of three total members of Garden City PD’s motor unit.

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