Dirty dentist puts patients at risk

MEMPHIS, Tennessee (WMC) – Patients treated at a Memphis dental clinic were advised to get tested for hepatitis B and C and HIV after “breaches in infection control” may have put them at risk.

The investigation started when a patient complained to the Tennessee Board of Dentistry and noted several breaches in sterile technique.

No specific infections have been linked to the SPT Dental Clinic yet, but 3,500 patients may be at risk.

Unsanitary conditions included bloody gauze on the floor, the sink crusted with grime and dirt, unidentifiable substances in the sink drain, and a hand piece that goes directly into the patient’s mouth lying on an extremely dirty floor beside a cabinet.

Dr. Alfred Brown, DDS was in charge of the facility, and this is not the first time he’s been in trouble for his dental practice.

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