Give a Little: Anthony & Josh

As Anthony prepares for the next chapter in life, Big Brother Josh isn't going anywhere.

These two love a lot of the same things... including music.

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – In a month, a number of recent high school grads will move on to college marking the official end of their match with Big Brothers Big Sisters. But so many of these friendships are built to last a lifetime.

Josh White says it was his old soul that first drew him to 18-year-old Anthony Harvey when they were matched seven years ago. Instead of pop music, Anthony preferred the classics. And along with their love of good tunes, they also shared a similar back story.

“His folks had just gone through a tough spot,” Josh recalled. “I had the same history in my life; I was about the same age he was.”

So maybe Anthony was never headed to Folsom Prison, like one of his favorite Johnny Cash songs, but he was facing an uncertain time, and that’s about the time he met Josh.

“He’s been through a lot of stuff with me I needed to get through,” Anthony said. “When I just needed someone to talk to, hang out with, get my mind off things, he’s been there.”

That’s included hunting trips and ballgames… even when they cheered for different teams, and they still like sitting down together for the occasional jam session.

“I enjoy live music anyway; I enjoy watching people play,” Josh said. “But to be so close to Anthony and be this close for this long and to watch him evolve, has been cool.”

He’s also enjoyed watching him grow as a man. Anthony will go to college, this fall, and dreams of one day becoming a meteorologist.

“He’s always known who he is and who he wants to be and I’m proud of him for that,” Josh said.

And as Anthony thinks about his future, he can’t imagine Josh not being a part of more major moments.

“I’ve told people, he’ll probably be the best man in my wedding,” Anthony told us.

It’s clear Josh’s influence has struck a chord, and the bond they share is built to last. This match isn’t going away; it’s just starting the next verse.

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