Texas cop attempts K-9 con job

This dog was brought in by a Driscol, Texas officer but it's not the K-9 officer he claimed. (NBC / KRIS-TV)

DRISCOLL, Texas (KRIS) – A Texas police officer was fired Tuesday after turning in a canine impostor instead of the police department’s trained K-9, “Easter.”

After he was asked about the dog, it took weeks for Sgt. Ernest Martinez to bring her in.

When Martinez finally brought in a dog appearing to be Easter, the trainer was not convinced it was the same dog.

The dog failed to follow simple commands and didn’t respond to the right name.

After tests and training drills, the trainer confirmed that the dog was not Easter.

Now the city not only needs to find a new home for the dog turned in by the officer, but needs to answer the big question. Where is the trained K-9?

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