Garden City school district’s budget increases

Garden City High School

GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KSNW) — Garden City Public Schools is one of several districts that are getting additional money next school year because of the funding bill out of topeka.

Officials say it will help with the budget for the coming year, but they’re being cautious on how they’ll spend it.

In all, the district will receive just under $800,000 more than expected — in the funding law passed in the special session.

It comes after last year’s budget was reduced by about $700,000.

“Over the last number of years,” said Roy Cessna, the spokesperson for Garden City Public Schools, “we’ve had to make reductions in our budget and raise the local option, local option budget or local taxes to offset the cuts that we’ve been receiving from the state.”

Now the school board is trying to determine just how to use the funds and whether they will restore cuts they had to make in previous years.

“They did talk about possibly building up a reserve in these situations,” said Cessna. “We do have a reserve, but not as big as in these types of situations that we’re in right now with the state.”

The board is also considering rehiring for positions that had been cut.

Garden City Schools’ superintendent said the district has to be prepared for funding cuts if they do come. Last year, some funds were cut mid-school year.

The board is considering just how it would deal with any funding cuts as it continues to work on the budget.

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