Deadline to register for Kansas primary election is here

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – If you haven’t registered to vote in the Kansas primary yet, today is your last chance.

It’s not too late but it’s cutting it close to get your registration in.

KSN spoke with election officials to find out what people need to know to make that deadline.

First, Sedgwick County Election Commissioner, Tabitha Lehman, says that voters will have to be affiliated with the party they’re voting for in the Kansas primary.

If you’re unaffiliated it is an option to go ahead and affiliate on the day of elections at the polling site.

Lehman says voters registering for the first time can’t forget to provide a proof of citizenship document.

She says that deadline isn’t today and voters have until 11:59 the night before the election to submit that document as long as they’ve already completed a voter registration card.

Lehman also says they’ve seen an increase in voter registration in Sedgwick County.

“We have increased our numbers since November of 2014, the last major election. We have increased our voter registration numbers by over 5,000 registrants,” Lehman said. “If our numbers continue on the way they have, we are looking at probably getting close to 300,000 registered voters by November, so that will be an all-time new record for Sedgwick County.”

If you’re registering today and want to make sure you make the deadline, you have a few options.

You can go to the Sedgwick County website where you can use your driver’s license or Kansas non drivers I.D. number to register.

There’s also a form on the website that you can download, print, fill out and hand-deliver to the election offices.
If you can’t make it in-person they will accept the form through email or scanner.

Election offices close at 5 p.m. today but officials tell me they will work to accommodate anyone hoping to meet that deadline.

Lehman says when it comes to the primary, you don’t want to delay your vote, especially by mail.

“The important thing to know about the voting by mail is that the postal delivery standards have change,” Lehman said. “They’re now guaranteeing 5-7 days of local mail and so don’t delay, get your ballot, vote it and return it or if you’re concerned about it not reaching us on election day, bring it down here to us.”

The Kansas primary election is Tuesday, August 2.


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