Law enforcement warns Pokemon Go users of dangers

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Local law enforcement is warning Pokemon Go users of potential dangers.

It seems the world, including people in Wichita, is going crazy over the new game that allows smartphone users to track and catch Pokemon in real life.

“It just came out on ISO like three days ago. It’s so popular it’s insane,” said 18-year-old Jake Lund.

“It’s awesome! As someone who loves Pokemon, way too much probably, it’s fun to see other people enjoying it a lot,” said 24-year-old Kevin Schultz.

Just released on Wednesday, Pokemon Go is gaining in popularity. KSN wanted to know if the game is safe.

“It’s a fun game from what I understand, but I also understand there are a lot of dangers associated with the game,” said Lt. Lin Dehning with the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office.

Just this week, a Wyoming woman said she was out searching by the Big Wind River for a Pokemon, when she discovered a dead body.

In Missouri, police said a group of teens used the game to rob people.

“Makes you an easy target,” said Dehning.

Lt. Dehning said most people who are playing the game are glued to their phones, rarely looking away from them.

“There is the simple distraction of people walking down the street playing this game, not paying attention to what is going on around them,” he said.

KSN saw dozens of people playing Pokemon Go in Old Town on Monday afternoon.

“There were a couple kids walking right in the middle of the road here and I yelled, ‘Come over here, you need to walk over here, so you aren’t going to get hit,’ because clearly they aren’t paying attention to traffic at all,” said Robyn Wells, who works nearby.

Then, there’s the issue with people gaming while driving.

“I understand people are looking for monsters or Pokestops while they are driving down the street and that is a very dangerous thing to do,” Lt. Dehning said.

Lt. Dehning said his deputies have not stopped anyone for playing Pokemon Go behind the wheel, however people could be punished if they’re caught doing so.

“If you’re driving down the road playing Pokemon and you run into someone, it’s probably going to be your fault, then you’re going to get a citation for that too,” he said.

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