Two fire trucks damaged while battling flames

Chief Shelton says the department is still operating normally

GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – The Garden City Fire Department is down some of its equipment after a field fire got out of control and damaged two trucks.

“They started harvesting,” said Allen Shelton, chief of the Garden City Fire Department, “and that’s when we started seeing fires, and this is the third field fire we’ve been on in the last week.”

The field fire happened where Road AA meets 16 Mile Road. The fire department was called out when a combine malfunctioned and ignited the wheat stubble.

The department responded but had problems right away.

“When they stopped their apparatus to engage the pumps,” said Shelton, “the trucks became stuck in the soil. The ground was crusted on top, but once they stopped, it was soggy underneath, and the trucks sank in.”

That’s when the winds shifted, and the fire moved towards the trucks. One truck is beyond saving and was taken to an impound lot. The other was severely damaged but might be repaired.

Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt in the fire

“One of the firemen,” said Shelton, “in an attempt to save a vehicle, they were trying to hook up to a tractor, and he did get a slight burn on one of his elbows. He’s fine. We had him checked out at the clinic, and he was released to come back to work. It was like a pretty good sunburn, basically, on one elbow.”

Chief Shelton says the department has enough equipment to get by for now. They’ll be looking over their financials to see if they can afford to replace the destroyed truck.

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