KSN tours some of the worst hit areas of Eureka

EUREKA, Kan. (KSNW) – A tornado that touched down Thursday night caused widespread damage in Eureka. Large trees were knocked over, windows and cars were smashed, and houses were ruined.

There were no injuries or fatalities reported. It is one thing Fire Chief Doug Williams talked about early Friday.

“We’ve rescued anybody who was still in their house or still in their basements, and at this time, we have not transported anyone to the hospital. So we do not have any injuries that we know of at this time and no deaths,” said Williams.

Crews are on their second wave of assessing the damage, and they were making sure every person is accounted for.

“We’re going to allow the heavy equipment to come back in and start hauling off the limbs and roofs and the debris from all that. In doing so, we’re going to allow some volunteers in,” added Williams.

The Red Cross was on the ground around midnight last night helping folks affected by this storm throughout the day. They had a community breakfast and lunch.

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