Victim of former Beloit teacher speaks out about his criminal history

Mike Burgan, Staff Yearbook Photo, 1988
Mike Burgan, Staff Yearbook Photo, 1988

BELOIT, Kan. (KSNW) — After learning about the recent discovery of Mike Burgan’s criminal past dating back to 1988, one of Burgan’s child victims spoke out to KSN about her shock that he’s been back in Kansas schools for the past 17 years.

“I’m shocked about the story of Mike Burgan just coming out,” the victim wrote. “I was one of his victims at Beloit Junior-Senior High in 1988. Being the victim, making the police report and witnessing him being handcuffed and taken out of school was traumatizing.” 

Mike Burgan, Staff Yearbook Photo, 1988
Mike Burgan, Staff Yearbook Photo, 1988

KSN spoke with the victim under the condition we protect the victim’s identity. In order to protect the victim, KSN obscured her face and distorted her voice.

“When I saw his face on TV, I think I literally screamed,” she explained.

The victim we spoke with was a 13-year-old student at Beloit Junior-Senior High School in 1988. Burgan was one of her teachers at the school.

“I just remember feeling so disgusted,” she said, remembering the ordeal.

The victim told KSN she remembers being sick and staying home from school one day, when she received what she thought at the time could have been a prank phone call. She said a man was on the other line, he knew her name and called her by it, and propositioned her to perform a sexual act.

The victim says she immediately hung up the phone.

“I remember going downstairs and locking the doors,” she explained, “Thinking, ‘Who is calling me? Who knows my name?  Who knows I’m not at school?'”

She said it wasn’t until several of her friends said they had received similar calls that reports were made to officials at the school and to police, and then law enforcement put together the pieces of the puzzle.

Mike Burgan 1988 Probation Conditions
Mike Burgan 1988 Probation Conditions

“I remember the whole thing,” she said, emotional. “It was awful.”

Mike Burgan, then 27-years-old, was charged in Mitchell County Court with six counts of Indecent Liberties with a Child, and two counts of Harassment by Telephone.

Redacted Mitchell County Court Documents – Mike Burgan

“For him to have that impact on me is, you know, obviously, it’s obviously hard,” she said.

Burgan pleaded guilty to lesser charges:

  • Six felony counts of taking indecent liberties with a minor through telephone solicitation, and
  • Two misdemeanor counts of making an obscene telephone proposal.

According to the Board of Education, Burgan has held a teaching license in the state of Kansas since 1985.

KSN's Brittany Glas spoke to one victim of Mike Burgan, in a case dating back to 1988. She did not want to be identified.
KSN’s Brittany Glas spoke to one victim of Mike Burgan, in a case dating back to 1988. She did not want to be identified.

“For him to continue to work in a school system, or work with children in general, is… I don’t know. I can’t hardly even put it into words,” the victim added.

The victim says she wants to send Burgan a message of her own.

“He needs to know that it’s not okay, what he’s done… How he’s gotten this far,” she said.

The Kansas State Board of Professional Practices issued a statement to the Kansas State Department of Education, recommending Burgan’s credentials as a school administrator not be renewed. It reads:

“Mr. Burgan has held a Kansas teaching license since 1985. In 1988, he pleaded guilty to six counts of indecent solicitation of a child and two counts of making an obscene telephone proposal,” says the statement. It goes on to say, “Over the course of the next 27 years, Mr. Burgan submitted numerous applications to KSDE where he failed to disclose the nature of his criminal past. He most recently submitted an application in December 2015. Fingerprints were required with that application and KSDE first became aware of Mr. Burgan’s past.”

USD 350 St. John-Hudson District Superintendent, Josh Meyer, responded to a KSN request last week for an interview, with an email statement:

“I’m sure you understand that I cannot discuss specifics related to personnel matters. Mr. Burgan resigned from his position as Jr/Sr High Principal and Athletic Director on March 2, 2016. The board accepted his resignation at a special board meeting on that day. Mr. Burgan worked for the district for 17 years in that position.”

The St. John school board accepted the resignation of longtime Principal Mike Burgan on March 2.

St. John principal resigns after board of education finds criminal history

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