Money raised for Sedgwick Co. group that helps reunite pets, families

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – When disaster strikes, sometimes you may find yourself separated from your pets. A local organization dedicated to help reunite families with their pets is getting a big boost this weekend, to continue their work.

Sedgwick County Animal Response Team has been up and running for eight years, just after the Greensburg tornado. Since then, they’ve responded to numerous tornadoes and apartment fires, hoping to reunite animals with their families. Today the organization held its third annual dog wash.

A simple dog wash, helping an organization that gives back to families in crisis.

“It’s really important to take care of pets when there’s some sort of emergency. So, I really wanted to support that cause,” said supporter, Amanda Meyers.

More than 55 people came out to support the Sedgwick County Animal Response Team, an organization dedicated to helping reunite families with their pets after a devastation.

“Right after the Greensburg tornado, we noticed, well we found out that there were no animal response teams in Kansas. We didn’t have a plan, and from there, we have a very dedicated group of volunteers that started the animal response team,” said SCART co-founder, Christen Skaer.

Skaer recalls 350 animals in Greensburg that didn’t have any care, and not all of them went back to their owners.

“We’ve seen people, even if their animals perished, just knowing what happened to them, was huge. The unknown is the worst part of a tragedy like that,” Skaer said.

This year, fortunately, they haven’t been called out to help with major disasters. They consider themselves lucky.

“We’re part of state network. And the tornadoes that have happened in Kansas have been rural and really not affecting large areas. So we’ve been, Kansas has been pretty lucky this year,” said Skaer.

For Amanda, she hopes another big disaster does not hit, but says it’s good to be prepared, to help out if beloved pets get separated from their extended family member.

“We try to have a go bag, so that if we have to leave for us and the kids and the husband and everything, we have something for the humans and then we have a go bag for Frank,” said Meyer.

The dog wash was held at three All Paws Pet Center in the Wichita area. Organizers say they’re still counting Saturday’s donations, but are still taking donations for the organization throughout the weekend.

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