Recent rain delays wheat harvest

Wheat in Hodgeman County
Wheat (KSN File Photo)

HODGEMAN COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – Storms in western Kansas earlier this week are putting a damper on the wheat harvest.

One family in Hodgeman County is still recovering from tornado damage caused by the storms that rolled through a few weeks ago.

Melissa Nuss farms with her family in Hodgeman County. She says that because of the recent rains, they will have to wait until the soil dries out before they can harvest.

“This harvest was already a week ahead of time,” said John Jenkinson, KSN’s agriculture expert,” and so actually, this will make it actually easier for producers, because they’ll get a chance to service some equipment and make sure they’re ready to go as it does dry up and warm up.”

In fields across the region, the ground is too soft for a combine, so farmers have to wait for the soil to dry out before they can begin harvesting the wheat.

“Hot, dry, and a little bit of breeze will be able to dry that out real fast,” said Nuss.

It’s good timing for Melissa and her family farm. Back in May, a tornado destroyed equipment they need for the harvest. The delay happens to line up with their own recovery.

“We’re still waiting on our equipment from the disaster of the tornado,” said Nuss. “One combine should be here by the end of the week. Probably next week we’re looking at before we’re ready to harvest.”

Farmers are expecting triple digit temperatures this week. It’s exactly what they need to dry out the soil and begin the harvest.

Jenkinson also says on some farms, the wheat is still too green and will take a couple more weeks until it’s ready to harvest.

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