Cheney Reservoir officials looking for bid on marina

CHENEY, Kan. (KSNW) – Cheney Reservoir is still without a marina and, may be for some time.

The former owner went out of business last year and, left the popular hangout without any type of service for boaters, campers and fishermen.

And, the future looks bleak after no one submitted a bid to buy it last month.

Last year alone more than 600,000 people went to Cheney Lake bringing a lot of business to the marina there.

But, now visitors have no place to go at the lake for fuel or food, and no hope that it will change anytime soon.

Once upon a time, or so it seemed, Snyder’s Marina at Cheney Reservoir used to be the hot spot during the summer.

“I remember it when I was little. It was always fun to fish on there. You just saw a lot of people, because everyone would go there,” said Jase Ebert, a Cheney Lake goer.

But, that is no longer the tale. In fact, the only thing the marina is it is home to now, is a family of birds.

The state asked for bids on the marina last month, but got no response.

“Marinas are very niche oriented. It’s a very specialized market and business, and although it is certainly rare for us to not have someone interested in operating the marina,” stated Ron Kaufman, Director of Information at the Kansas Dept. of Wildlife.

Kaufman attributes the lack of bids to the poor condition of the marina now.

“I think it’s too bad. If I had the money, I’d open it up, because they use it. We all do,” explained Cindy Creekmore, a Wichita resident.

Creekmore has been an avid lake goer since her childhood, and says since the marina closed, the atmosphere hasn’t been the same. And the closed doors, have simply become a nuisance.

“It’s very annoying if you forget something because you have to change and go into town,” said Creekmore.

The nearest convenience store is about 10 miles away into the town of Cheney. A reality that most who attend Cheney Lake are hoping will change very soon.

“If someone has the money that would be great to come in and clean it up,” said Arlen Cooley, an Andale resident.

Kaufman told KSN that the park is working on other avenues to open the marina back up. He also explained the park is working with a vendor to operate a convenience store next to the lake for the July 4th weekend.

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