Give a Little: Treyvaughn

This 13 year old is an easy-going teen hoping to find a Big Brother to join his team.

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – There’s never a bad time to join Big Brothers Big Sisters, but this may be one of the best. The summer months are full of free time, and without the right influences, kids can stumble into the wrong crowd. Thirteen-year-old Treyvaughn is looking for someone to go one-on-one with, but you better bring your A-game.

He has Jordan on his gear and a little M.J. in his game. Treyvaughn and I spent a perfect evening at McAdams Park getting to know each other between jump shots.

After he’d warmed up, we locked up in a little friendly competition surrounding a game of PIG. Eventually, we both found our rhythm and enjoyed a good back-and-forth battle.

Later, we decided to join forces and play a couple of games together.

“We played a game of 10 free throws or something like that and we played the game where we made 10 shots from the block,” Treyvaughn recalled.

That’s much more in line with the spirit of Big Brothers Big Sisters and what the two of you can accomplish together.

“You can probably learn things that other people didn’t know or you can do different things,” he surmised.

That’s because Treyvaughn has a couple of siblings who are already matched. Now he hopes to share in that experience first hand.

“They go places or like, go to events, like special events, like sports or something,” he told us.

But really, he just wants someone to hang out with and maybe shoot a few hoops. He’s a laid back guy who lets his game do most of the talking.

“Usually I’m pretty quiet, for real,” he said, “like not much of a talker.”

Until you get to know him, that is. Something a future Big Brother will be lucky to do. Just save a little of that luck for the court. You’ll need it all to take down Treyvaughn.

If you’d like more information on becoming a Big call 1-888-KS-4-BIGS or go to

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