School leaders concerned about possible school shutdown

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – There are now just 25 days until school doors could close across the state.  The decision hinges on if the legislature will meet the court mandate handed down by the Kansas Supreme Court to properly fund schools.

Right now, Wichita School Board Member Lynn Rogers is concerned about what a potential shutdown could do for projects right now.

Rogers points to Robinson Middle School and the new Wichita Southeast High School. Both bonds issued projects in 2008.

“Southeast is one where right now, we’re scheduled to open there in the fall and preparing to move the old building to the new building and that would be, you know we have to have staff to help do that,” said Rogers.

Rogers says right now, the district wouldn’t be able to spend any money, beginning July 1.

It means they wouldn’t be able to pay staff to help move into the new facility.

“That’s suppose to be turned over to us by the first of August, if we can’t spend anything after the first of July, that’s 30 days of work that isn’t going to get done and that gets delayed, and we can’t put kids into that building until later,” said Rogers.

Board President Betty Arnold says the implications of a possible shutdown are far-reaching.

One that would include vital programs being pushed to the wayside.

“There are many parents that rely on our latch-key services during the summer to continue to work, the summer food program is a way that those kids are insured a meal during the summer months,” said Arnold.

A situation board members say not only leaves them in limbo, but also bracing for what they call a lot of uncertainty.

“As it reads right now, we couldn’t spend anything, so that affects lots, lots of people,” said Rogers.

While a lot is still up in the air, Arnold says the district is preparing to go forward as if school won’t be closed on July 1.

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