Headstones vandalized in Kingman County cemetery

Cemetery near Cheney Lake in Kingman County was vandalized over the weekend. (KSNW photo / Shardaa Gray)

CHENEY, Kan. (KSNW) – Workers at a private cemetery near Cheney are cleaning up grave sites vandalized over the weekend.

The Kingman County Sheriff’s Office says 10 to 15 headstones were toppled overnight Saturday or Sunday morning.

The caretaker tells KSN he has been mowing the grass there for the last four years and he’s frustrated about the costly damage.

“It’s going to take quite amount of money to repair the damage on the headstones themselves because, some of them, they’re pulled completely out of the ground and they’re buried underneath the ground,” said Gene Giefer.

He said it will also take a lot of manpower to lift the headstones back into place.

Investigators won’t say if they have any suspects at this time.

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