11-year-old missing boy’s school to honor him with skateboard memorial

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Staff at Mead Middle School in Wichita has banded together in hopes of creating a permanent memorial for Devon Cooley.

“He was a unique individual and he was proud of that,” said Brianna Falvey.

Falvey is a 6th grade teacher at Mead Middle School, the school Devon attended.

“Devon, he is charismatic. He was the kind of kid who could think outside of the box,” Falvey¬†said.

Devon did more than think outside of the box, he lived that way according to Falvey. She said Devon was known for riding his creativity and his love for skateboarding.

“He would bring that skateboard every single day and he would try to get that skateboard into his locker,” she said.

Flavey said the skateboard would never fit inside Devon’s locker, but that didn’t phase him. She said he would leave it in a teacher’s room only to retrieve it as the final bell rang. It’s something she told KSN she will miss.

“Nothing prepares you for this, to lose a student,” Falvey said.

Devon went missing in Gypsum Creek on Friday evening. Search and rescue teams have been working vigorously to find him, but have not had any luck.

“Everyone is kind of looking for closure,” Falvey said.

With closure on their minds, Falvey and several other teacher’s at Devon’s middle school have set up a gofundme account. Their hope is to raise enough money to create a permanent memorial for him. The memorial would be a locking skateboard rack.

The rack would be placed outside the front of the school. Students would be able to lock up their skateboards similar to the way they lock up their bikes.

“I think it would be perfect for him because I know he would have used it if he was to be here. It would be a great way to remember him and obviously help out with the extra skate boards that find their way in the hallways,” Falvey said.

The teachers also want to get a plaque to put next to the skateboard rack.

If you would like to help fund the memorial, click here.

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