Tornado that missed Chapman an EF-4

This photo of the tornado north of Solomon was sent in by Chuck Budke.

CHAPMAN, Kan. (KSNW) – Wednesday night’s tornado that just missed Chapman was an EF-4 with estimated peak winds up to 180 mph, the National Weather Service said.

Officials say the half-mile-wide tornado carved a path about 26 miles long and was on the ground for 90 minutes.  The storm began about five miles northwest of Solomon and ended about three miles southeast of Chapman.  The tornado came within a mile of hitting the small northern Kansas town.

Roughly 104 homes were in the path of the tornado.  Seventy-three of those  received damage ranging from missing shingles to windows blown out.  Of those 73 homes, eight were destroyed.

There were no deaths of injuries caused by the tornado.

May 25 2016 Tornado Path

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