Family leaves home before tornado strikes

The Stroud family is starting to pick up the pieces Thursday morning after a tornado destroyed their home Wednesday night near Abilene. (KSN Photo)

ABILENE, Kan. (KSNW) – A family just north of Abilene is picking up the pieces after a large tornado moved through the area Wednesday night.

Kevin Stroud says he and his family have lived in the area since 1999. Last night, his home was destroyed. The entire second floor was gone.

Stroud says he and his wife saw the massive tornado coming and said they just couldn’t stay. They picked up and moved a few miles south to a safe area.

“As we were going down south, about a mile and a half, I saw the emergency vehicles stopping, and I thought, oh, well that’s not good. That means, a tornado is, you know they’re going to stop a half mile or whatever before the tornado, before they run into the tornado. You know what it’s probably headed right for our place.”


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