Bottle-flip goes viral

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (WCNC) – A Charlotte, North Carolina high school student has some new-found fame after his performance at a talent show went viral.

It started out as your typical high school senior talent show, but Mike Senatore’s act was a performance that these students might never forget.

It’s something Mike Senatore’s been doing for a couple of years and he’s gotten pretty good.

“Bottle Flipping” is what he put down when he signed up for Ardrey Kell High School’s senior class talent show.

“I’ll land it, but I’m not going to say I’m a sure shoe-in,” Senatore said.

Tuesday morning he went behind the auditorium stage, worried that everyone would boo him off stage if he missed. Then, standing next to a table, he flipped a water bottle.

“I heard it hit and I just walked off with my number one,” Senatore said.

The videos of the chaotic celebration from the audience have gone viral. Deadspin posted an article, it’s been all over social media, and Senatore can hardly keep up with his new-found fame.

“It’s surreal,” Senatore said. “It doesn’t make sense, I still can’t process it. I flipped a bottle and now I’m an internet sensation.”

His strategy is to use a Deer Park bottle with only one-third of it filled with water. We gave him Aquafina, but he wasn’t phased. This man they call “the legend” delivered a perfect flip.

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