High waters in Derby flood homeowners’ front yards

Photo credit: Avery Anderson

DERBY, Kan. (KSNW) – One of the areas hit the hardest was by heavy rainfall and flooding Monday was Derby.

Several front yards were under water after storm drains overflowed.

“Oh no, not again,” explained Louise Zollinger, a Derby Resident.

For Zollinger, sadly, this isn’t the first time she’s seen this.

“This water comes from above Kellogg, and from 143rd East. Those people have all taken care of their drainage, we haven’t here. We can’t handle this water,” she said.

Four inches of rainfall throughout the day turned into severe flooding along 79th street, causing law enforcement to close the road for hours.

“Water is here. And, you can see it’s to the porch, but it hasn’t come up,” Zollinger stated. “It is scary. And, we have older people living here.”

The Derby resident has lived in her house for six decades and says there have been multiple instances when flooding is the scene after a torrential downpour.

Though, no cars were stalled out at this scene, just miles away in Wichita, several vehicles were flooded.

“I anticipate tomorrow morning having a couple of cars dropped in our lot that is water damaged and probably calls throughout the day,” Aaron Wosylus, a Service Manager at Tracy’s Automotive.

Wosylus says water repairs can cost drivers anywhere from a couple hundred dollars up to $7,000.

Not only is this rain costly for drivers, but also for homeowners, like Louise, who will be keeping an eye out for rising waters throughout the night.


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