Metro Meridian High student wants the school to stay open

Metro Meridian High School. (Photo: KSN file photo)

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – On Friday, some students at Metro Meridian Alternative High School staged a protest over concerns the school could be closed due to budget cuts.

The Wichita school board will take up the district’s 2016-2017 budget and possible cuts when it meets Monday night.

One of the student protesters was sophomore Mickayla Tyler. She says closing the school is something she and some of her fellow students don’t want.

Mickayla’s goal is to graduate from high school and get her bachelor’s degree. But, if her school closes, she’s worried about her future.

“If they close down this school, where are we going to go?” asks Mickayla. “This is too important for us. Being in Metro, it’s helped me open up. It’s helped me put stories out there about opening up myself about the depression I have gone through.”

Mickayla says she suffers from social disorders, and adds life would be tougher for her if the school closes.

“I never was comfortable in such a large impacted school,” Mickayla said. “It was very difficult for me.”

She says Metro Meridian’s environment has helped her, and she wants it to remain open.

“It’s easier to talk to the teachers, it’s easier for me not to be so depressed and so stressed out about school work, and then having to come home and having to stress out about all the other things going on around me.”

Mickayla’s family says the school has done a lot to boost her grades and help her self-esteem.

“We’ve come in situations where we were short on gas and the teachers have actually taken up collections for us and have given them to the counselor, and she has called me in personally to give those to me,” said Mickayla’s dad, Derrick Tyler.

Mickayla says students and a teacher plan to speak at the school board meeting Monday night and share their stories to help persuade board members in hopes of keeping Metro Meridian open.

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