Give a Little: Raymond

We go climbing with a 10-year-old taking aim at new heights.

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – In a lot of ways, life is a climb. Some parts are tougher than others, and taking on those challenges is a whole lot easier with the help of a friend. For many at-risk kids, Big Brothers Big Sisters provides that support.

Jonah at Bliss Bouldering and Climbing hosted 10-year-old Raymond and I and we took on this new challenge, together.

“I’m so nervous, Raymond,” I told him as we prepared to tackle our first wall.

But, the athletic fourth grader showed no fear and proved to be a natural at climbing.

“I learned that you keep your hands and feet on the rocks,” he advised me.

He also showed flashes of his fun-loving personality, while I did my best to follow his lead. He’s the kind of kid who can have a good time doing just about anything, and that includes taking it easy.

“Play my video games, watch TV, eat popcorn, watch movies,” he said are among his favorite hobbies.

What Big Brother wouldn’t enjoy doing that? But he also understands the best part of being matched with a Big.

“If you’re alone or something like that, you can feel like you have a friend to come help you and stuff.”

You could be that friend and get a great one in return. Those obstacles that tend to slow us all down don’t seem nearly as steep when you’re part of a team.

If you’d like more information on becoming a Big, call 1-888-KS-4-BIGS or go to

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