Report: Wichita State shows interest in joining new conference

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – This morning we bring you the newest development in potential changes to Shocker sports.

For all you hopeful fans, talk that football could be coming back to Wichita State isn’t going away.

We have news this morning that the school continues to explore the possibility of switching leagues.

CBS Sports reports that Wichita State has reached out to the Mountain West Conference to talk about membership.

This is just a possibility, and no official action has been taken.

WSU has been looking into new conference options for basketball and football for a few months now and it’s been a year since Wichita State President, Dr. John Bardo suggested the school look into the feasibility of bringing football back.

This report appears to show a substantial interest.

Twelve programs play in the Mountain West Conference but only 11 are basketball-playing members since Hawaii plays in the Big West.

One thing we know for sure is the cost to bring back a football program could be a great one.

According to an industry source, it could be at least $50 million.

Back in February KSN reported that Bardo shared a photo of a Wichita State football helmet, saying it was just a conversation starter to determine whether the Wichita community wants to bring football back or not.

The community hasn’t seen a WSU football program since 1986 when it ended.

Bardo said the school won’t move forward without substantial evidence of student, community and alumni financial support.

In February we spoke with interim athletic director, Darron Boatright about that community support.

“This is a community decision. This doesn’t just affect this campus. Dr. Bardo and the things he’s had success getting started on campus has really joined forces with the economic development folks in Wichita and this is no different.”

Again, this is still only a possibility.


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