Kansas farmer: ‘Spirits are high right now’

Wheat Crop (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – An agriculture expert says the latest storms to roll through Kansas were a saving grace for the state’s wheat crop.

“Spirits are high right now,” said Kansas Farmer Josh Patterson.

The wheat crop across the state is a lot higher too.

“Well, it’s finally reached my knees,” Patterson said.

Last week, Patterson’s wheat crop barely reached above his ankles. On Friday, it was brushing up near his thighs.

“Oh, it had to have grown at least a good minimum 8 to 10 inches,” he said. “It’s amazing when the Lord gives you rain, it just really turns your spirits around.”

The rain has also turned the ground around north of Wichita. What once was cracked soil is now somewhat soggy.

“Farmers are just tickled right now,” Patterson said.

Agriculture experts said this week’s rain really was the perfect storm.

“Saving grace, that’s the only way to describe these rains that have fallen across Kansas,” Agricultural Analyst John Jenkinson said. “This was a million dollar rain.”

Come harvest time, that rain could help bring in a big dollar reward.

“Well, to put it so lightly, I was giddy as a school girl,” Patterson said.

Experts said the timing of the storms were nearly perfect too. They said if the rain had come just a couple weeks later, some of the crops may not have survived at all.

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