Three houses damaged in fire near West High School

(KSN photo/Gordon Bassham)

WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita fire crews battled a two-alarm fire in southwest Wichita that damaged three homes.

It broke out just after 1:00 p.m. Tuesday, near Hendryx and Osage. Witnesses say they could see the flames and smoke from a distance away.

“When I came home, I was coming from the west side on Kellogg,” said DJ Bearfoot. “You could definitely tell something was on fire. I kept driving. As I was approaching the Seneca Avenue exit, it was getting bigger and bigger.”

Fire officials say the home located between 625 and 637 Hendryx was destroyed. Fire also spread to the backyards of those homes.

“By time we arrived on the scene, the fire extended to the house that is to the east. The radiant heat began to catch the house to the west on fire,” said Deputy Chief Tammy Snow, Wichita Fire Department. “We made it a second-alarm because we had three houses on fire. So on an original alarm, you will get eight units and that is not counting any support services. When you make it second alarm, you get an additional six more units. So, we have 14 firefighting units on scene and support.”

Snow said the two homes that were heavily damaged were vacant. The home to the west suffered minor damage to the siding.

Right now, officials are trying to determine the cause and damage estimates of the fires. No firefighters were injured.

Fire investigators are urging that if anyone has information concerning these fires, to please contact the Fire Investigations Unit at 350-3127 or by visiting the following link:

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