Southwest begins new direct flights to Phoenix and St. Louis

WICHITA, Kansas – Change is in the air and it’s going to impact where you can fly if you use Southwest Airlines. The company is getting rid of their direct flights from Wichita to Chicago and Dallas, citing “too much capacity to those markets,” and adding two new direct flights to Phoenix and St. Louis starting Tuesday.

For customers, it’s a bit of a mixed bad for reactions. While most people are happy to have the new additions, others weren’t too happy to be losing the two flights.

“I know it’s a business, and I totally get that they have to look at their economics and make the right decision for them,” said Phil Mershon who has a son in college in Chicago. “It means that I’m going to have to look for other ways to get to Chicago because I doubt I’ll go via St. Louis. We’ll have to look at it, if it’s cheaper, I might.”

Debra Mitchell said she uses the flight to Chicago often because she is originally from there, but also expressed excitement at the possibility of more places to visit.

“I’m always interested in additional flights, especially direct flights. A lot of times we’ll base our family vacations on where we can go direct,” said Mitchell. “We’ll use Phoenix because that is a good destination for travel for us, I might use St. Louis because I do have friends that are out that way and it’s a bit longer of a drive then I would want to, but like I said, when we’re planning a little getaway, we look for direct flights.”

St. Louis will be served with two daily flights to connect flyers to destinations in the midwest and east coast, the Phoenix route will be served with one daily flight and offer connections to other west coast destinations.

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