Video shows teacher hitting student in class

A teacher in Texas is on paid leave after video showed her allegedly hitting one of her students.

Texas teacher Mary Hastings is shown allegedly hitting a student in one of her classes. (Cellphone photo courtesy courtesy KFDM via CNN)

BEAUMONT, Texas (CNN) – A high school teacher in Texas was caught on camera hitting one of her students Friday. But, some other students at the school still support her.

The video of Ozen High School Teacher Mary Hastings hitting a student is spreading on the Internet. Students recorded the video which they posted on social media.  That’s how school administrators found out about the incident.

One student at the school who wants to remain anonymous decided to speak up for the veteran teacher who’s been teaching in the school district for three years.

“You know, we only see 12 seconds of it, that’s all it is, that’s not the whole thing,” said the student.

Those few seconds of the video led the school district’s police to arrest Hastings. They took her to the Jefferson County Jail where she was charged with assault.

“They always throw stuff at her, they always curse at her,” said the student who says Hastings is a great teacher, always patient, always helping out.

She says other students and staff at the school were shocked to see Hastings apparently losing her patience.

“They were saying that’s not like her,” the student said. “They were upset that she had done it, of course. But everything was hurtful. She had to be escorted off the campus.”

If convicted, Hastings could spend some time in jail.

The school district is condemning Hastings actions, and administrators have placed her on leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

The student says although she agrees that Hastings should not have hit the student, she doesn’t want it to ruin the teacher’s career.

“This students, they just had a bad day, and Ms. Hastings had a bad day. And that’s all there was. There wasn’t anything more than that.”

Hastings was later released from custody after posting bond.

The school district said in a statement it does not condone employees abusing any child and it would not tolerate that kind of conduct.

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