New elephants at Sedgwick County Zoo named

WICHITA, Kansas – The six new elephants at the Sedgwick County Zoo have now been named.

The elephants arrived last month and are part of the Zambezi River Valley project which is scheduled to open Memorial Day weekend.

The grand opening ceremony will take place at 10 a.m. on Friday, May 27. There will be Zoo Member Sneak Previews on Wednesday, May 11 through Friday, May 13.


Simunye (pronounced sim-un-ya) – It means “we are one”
She is 18-20 years old



Titan – Means “defender”
He’s 6-7 years old
Son of Simunye



Arusi (uh-ROO-see) – Means “the sun” or “born at the wedding time”
She’s 6-7 years old



Zuberi (zuw-Beh-Riy) – Means “strong”
She is 7-8 years old



Xolani (zo Lani) – Means “peace”
She is 6-7 years old



Talia (ta-lia) – Means “dew of heaven”
She is 6-7 years old


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