Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo under way

Horse trainer Scott Daily tames a wild horse at the 2016 Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo. (KSN Photo)

GREAT BEND, Kansas  – Thursday is day two of the Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo with more than 700 vendors showing off the latest and greatest in agriculture. This is the expo’s fifth year.

There’s a lot to see inside the three buildings, including some cool demonstrations.

One of those was a horse trainer who tamed a wild horse that had been rescued from a kill pen. The horse was bucking at first, but the trainer stayed calm and confident and eventually took the fight out of even the orneriest horses.

“I’ve had some pretty nasty ones with these farm shows,” said trainer Scott Daily. “I had one that dang sure was challenging. I had one that would paw you and try to bite you, grunt at you and try to bite you and kick you and stuff like that. He was about an hour-long deal.”

By the end, Daily is able to stand atop the horse and crack a bullwhip.

From tractors to farm furniture, the displays attract every age. A lot of families come with kids in tow, carrying on the tradition of going to farm shows.

“We’ve come every year since I was a kid so we farm near Meade. It’s always been fun. The parents take us out of school, go to the show so I guess the tradition starts over now,” said Tiff and Tyler Ediger.

This show is all about helping farmers and ranchers do their job easier and more efficiently, and one of the best tricks is not a machine at all. It’s a good stock dog.

This 3-year-old Border Collie is ranked second in the nation by the National Cattle Dog Association.

She helps herd the cattle where they need to go.

Her handler is demonstrating how the dog can maneuver the livestock through chutes and pens.

She says Border Collies have an instinctual need to work.

“Real good pets, yea, but you gotta give ’em a job.  You can’t keep ’em in a pen.  They’ll start working flies, bees, leaves that blow through. You gotta give ’em a job,” said Myra Bradford, Arkansas Stock Dog Breeder.

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